Angela Kay’s Editing Services

Angela Kay has a professional writing degree from Augusta State University, out of which she was one of 23 across the United States to win a playwright contest for her one-act entitled “Digging Deeper.”

Angela is now editing the sequel to her debut novel, The Murder of Manny Grimes, and is turning her attention to expanding into the area of proofreading and editing for other established and aspiring authors.

Because Angela knows how hard you’ve worked to bring your novel to life, Angela is making rates simple and extremely competitive:

  • For Proofreading it is $1 per page. This will ensure that there are no misspells.
  • For Editing it is $1.50 per page. This will ensure that there are no misspells, as well as be sure that punctuation, structural and grammar errors are corrected. She will also use the Track Changes feature in Word to suggest changes. She will also comment on the content of the novel: plot and character development, dialogue, conflict, etc.

*It is always up to you whether or not you wish to make the changes.*

For short stories, 2,000 words or less, the entire work will be $10.

For novella and novel length submissions, Angela will be happy to do the first three chapters at the above rates to allow for the author to see if they are satisfied with her work.

Turnaround is usually about two weeks because she likes to read through at least twice before she ends her services. There is a lifetime warranty. She is here to help you succeed and make your novel the best it can be. However, if you need it in less than two weeks, don’t hesitate to ask. She’s here to service you!

Payment will be either via paypal (this is the easiest and quickest) or check. Angela requires at least half up front, then the final payment after services has ended. If paying by check, it will be the full amount, and she’ll begin work once it clears.

Why pay thousands of dollars when you can get a good deal for way less?

Praise for services:

“I just used the editorial services of Angela Kay to reedit one of my books as well as my newest one. I am completely satisfied. She took my manuscripts and really whipped it into shape. Her rates are the best I’ve seen. What really surprised me was Angela’s speedy delivery. The woman knows her business. I highly recommend Angela Kay’s Editorial Services.” ~ R.G. Miller, author of The Twins and I. Williams

“After shopping around and getting samples pages from several editors, I decided to work with Angela due to her superior quality of sample edits. It was an amazing experience. Her editing helped me become more succinct and consistent while maintaining my voice. I highly recommend her editing services!” ~ Jenna Jinks (@authorjjinks)

“Our firm has found Angela Kay’s services to be timely, affordable, and effective. The cherry on top is that Angela is a pleasure to work with, and always accommodating.” ~Maria Pabon, human resource manager, SIS Investigations, Inc.

In need for editing services or more information? Contact Angela by using the form below:


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