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**Unless Angela has previously read a book by an author, she is no longer accepting reviews at this time. She needs to catch up on her reading material and the edits for her third novel. She’s sorry for any inconvenience. Please check back soon, as this is only temporary. (June 2017)**

Angela Kay’s reading interests lie mainly in the genre of mysteries, but she also reads romance, and is always on the lookout for new science fiction stories. As long as the books aren’t laced with profanity, she’ll read them. Please read the bullets below for restrictions.

*For the sake of fairness, Angela asks that you do not contact her for books that are anti-Christian. It’s OK to have characters who aren’t Christian or else they’re “on the fence.” Just do not send something that would be offensive to Christians.

* For the time being, please send no more novels on extra-terrestrials invading earth. She’s extremely picky about her aliens, so feel free to e-mail her if you’re not sure whether or not your aliens fit her expectations. Though they have been fairly reviewed in the past, she doesn’t usually like UFOs or ET-type of aliens.

*Please do not send self-help or marketing books.


If a book review is of interest, Angela will respond to your request in a timely manner. There may be a list of books ahead of yours so there may be a wait but all accepted reviews will be done in responsible manner.

*All book reviews are posted on Wednesdays. Angela tries to get one review posted per week, depending on what she has going on.*

Because she receives a lot of requests from fellow authors asking a book to be read in a certain amount of time, she decided to offer a way to have your book pushed to the front line. If, by the end of your deadline, she has not been able to finish the review and post it, you will be reimbursed–this is her only guarantee. All payments will be via PayPal ( and you will receive an invoice to your e-mail.

  • To have your book in front of a growing number of reviews: $5
  • To have your book in front of the line and to view the review before it’s published (it’ll be posted as written, but you can ask for me to not post it for any reason): $10


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