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In the Service of the Boyar #BookReview | angelakaysbooks on

  • Title: In the Service of the Boyar
  • Author: Jason Graff
  • Print Length: 75
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2016
  • Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • Formats:  Kindle, Paperback
  • Goodreads
  • Genres: Action/Adventure
  • Synopsis:

    In the land of the Boyar, a boy will fall in love and become much more than a man.

    Fleeing with his family from danger, a boy catches a glimpse of Fifika, as their clan travels with haste to the lands of the boyar, a mysterious benefactor. Smitten, the boy becomes her playmate there in the Carpathians where the boyar resides and whose hillsides are filled with enchanted beasts. The boyar assures the clan that the beasts are harmless unless provoked, but some of the members are not so sure.

    When tragedy visits Fifika’s family, the boyar invites her and the boy into his castle to learn from his English tutor, a lazy and fearful man. The boy, now almost a man, falls deeply in love under Fifika’s tutelage.

    When he finally learns Fifika’s secret, he must choose between his family and the only life he knows and the uncertain dangers of life with her in the mountainous lands of the boyar with a very different kind of family.

    My Review:

    In the Service of the Boyar is a story about family loyalty, betrayals, love, friendship and respecting the surrounding nature as well as the animals that roam the land. Told in the young boy’s point of view, we follow his nomadic family to a land governed by Count Dracula, who is better known as the Boyar. In this terrain, if the people don’t follow the Boyar’s rules, then you can count on them being severely punished.

    The narrative is so descriptive, I could see the scenes play out in my head. When I read stories like that, I know it’s bound to be good. The characters were very well-developed and the exchanges between them were intriguing and helped moved the narrative forward.

    In the Service of the Boyar is a short story that draws you into an adventure, that’s bound to steal your attention until the very last word.

    Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 stars