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Reasons You Didn’t Ask Of Why I Write | angelakaysbooks on

30 Wednesday Nov 2016

Posted by AngelaKaysBooks in NaNoWriMo

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  1. There’s something special about forgetting the messed up world we live in and diving into an alternate universe—whether it’s romance, mystery, sci-fi, etc—and solving their issues…we have more control.
  2. I think that if I didn’t write, God would drop a mountain on my head…pretty sure He wanted to when I came close to throwing in the towel of my debut, The Murder of Manny Grimes.
  3. I’m a dreamer, so why not write it on paper?
  4. People that prefer reading to writing want to escape just as badly as I do. So I write for my readers in hopes to enthrall their imagination.
  5. Through countless research on a certain topic, I am learning.
  6. I write a Christian/Inspirational blog in hopes of inspiring others by my journey in discovering Christ.
  7. I have an overactive imagination: so many ideas buzzing in my head…I can’t keep up.
  8. The thrill of having my hard work published for others to see is extraordinary.
  9. I meet interesting people with the same passion as me, whether they’re just realizing it or they’ve lived with it since childhood.
  10. It challenges me to be better than I was yesterday…I learn from mistakes and move on to the next issue.
  11. It’s a fun profession.
  12. It teaches me patience and, boy, do I need it!
  13. I have the freedom to push the realism to the limit while keeping it believable.
  14. One story usually inspires another.
  15. To eliminate stress.
  16. In my free time, if I don’t read or write, I watch TV. Too much television is not always good for the soul.
  17. If I don’t write it, someone else might, or worse, no one else will.
  18. Writing is my legacy.
  19. I learn just how far I’m willing to push myself to work out a story.
  20. It’s my sense of being. If I couldn’t write, then I’m not sure what I can do in its place.
  21. I feel empowered.
  22. My characters are a part of me. It’s my duty to breathe life into them.
  23. It’s the only time I know who I am meant to be.
  24. I’ve been told by teachers and professors that I was a natural. It must be so since I’ve won awards in the past.
  25. I strive for originality.
  26. It allows room for diversity…romance, science fiction, mystery…etc.
  27. It’s my happy place.
  28. Whether I become successful or not, I have the satisfaction knowing that I’ve completed and published an entire novel.
  29. It’s the only clique I feel I belong—authors helping authors. And anyone knows me knows that I love helping people succeed.
  30. As with many writers, I have a lot to say.
What are YOUR reasons for writing? Share in the comments below!